Cuckoo (2005)

(a vignette from “Dance Macabre”)

The cuckoo bird is widely known in nature to be a brood parasite, laying its single egg in the next of another, typically smaller but somewhat similar in appearance, breed of bird. The unfortunate young of the nest parents often starve, because they are ill-equipped to compete with the nest intruder, and many times are even physically ousted from the nest by the intruder to fall to their deaths. What is not widely known is that this brood parasitic behavior can also happen in the insect world.

When nature’s laws become twisted and blurred, producing a creature that is not-quite bird and not-quite insect, to what extent might a cuckoo’s deception go?

This piece explores the life cycle of this twisted cuckoo creature, and culminates in the nestling allowing the parents to nurture and care for it, even affecting love towards the parents, but eventually turning on both its parents as soon as it becomes strong enough to do so.