Michal and the Wives of King David (2006)

(a vignette from “Original Sin”)

Michal was a daughter of King Saul who was given to King David as a means of forging a political alliance between the two kings. She apparently truly loved David, at least at first, while David seems to have viewed her merely with passing infatuation, as a prize, and then later as just one of his multiple wives. In the end, her love for him grew cold as a result of his indifference, and although they remained married, their alienation was total; they lived the remainder of their lives apart.

In this piece, we see a tentative, heartbroken Michal be relegated to the harem among King David’s other wives, and how she comes to terms with the other wives, eventually asserting her dominance.

(Wives choreographed by Sina, while Michal role was solo improv.)