Between and Beyond (2007)

(a collaboration between Malice Dreaming and Rhythminmind)

In Irish lore, the term “daoine maite” refers to the race of fairies, directly translating from Gaelic as the “good people”.

They were very human like in their appearance, and of all the sidhe, the Irish fairy was generally not diminutive, often being described as tall, handsome, richly dressed beings who had an opalescence or shine about them.

It is easy to see how their significant beauty, coupled with their supernatural powers and marked intelligence, could make them a haughty, arrogant race. A race prejudiced against human society.

This is a story of forbidden love, Between mortal and faery realms. A love that defies convention and custom, as one of the sidhe crosses the veil between worlds, called by the music of a human drummer and chooses to stay Beyond.