Beda & Boudihillia (2007)

(a duet from “Dance Macabre III”)

Together, Beda & Boudihillia are the pair of Celtic goddesses known as the Alaisiagae. Their German counterparts are Frigabis and Fimmilena. Acting in concert, these two who were known as the “Dispatching Terrors” were worshipped fearfully by Roman soldiers at Hadrian’s Wall, where votive inscriptions to them have been found carved into altarstones. One is never seen without the other, for these bloodthirsty goddesses presided over the battlefield in unison, according to the inscriptions in the Temple of Mars at Housesteads Fort. Beda (here portrayed by Ariellah) represented death and burial, while Boudhillia (portrayed by Sina) represented the righteousness of battle and the fullness of victory.

This almost entirely improvised dance was created by Ariellah and Sina on the spot, and was different each night it was performed. The one rule established before performance was that contact between them would be maintained at all times.  Projection slides of war imagery throughout many different time periods accompanied the piece, symbolizing the ever-present, unchanging, timelessness of death: the Alaisiagae.