Coming Home (2009)

(a duet from “Spinster’s Ball”)

Dust Bowl era photography inspired this piece. The bone-deep strength of everyday people living on farmlands and homesteads in middle America . Their sun-weathered skin, windblown hair, and lined, course hands spoke of a lifetime that knew hard work and resilience. Their clothing was more function than fashion – giving the subjects of the camera’s eye a timeless quality, unlike photos of those who dwelled in the cities during that time. I started to think about the contrast of that: how a sister who stayed behind in rural America might have this ‘suspended in time’ existence and mentality, whereas the other sister who escaped to the city would have lived a diverse and changeable life. Grieving the recent loss of her husband, our city-dwelling sister yearns for the comfort of returning to the known, routine existence of her former life at Home with her spinster sister….