Ursa, Fallen (2009)

This is the story of Ursa Minor, the constellation of stars also known as “Little Bear”. It takes place in an undetermined time – it could be any time – starting with a boy of indeterminable ethnic origin – who could be any boy. This particular little anyboy let fly a rock with his slingshot so hard that it actually – accidentally – knocked the Polaris star out of the nighttime sky. Polaris – the North Star – the brightest star in Ursa Minor that crowns the North Pole. When Polaris plummeted away from Ursa Minor, she herself began to tumble towards Earth. Falling, falling, forgetting, falling….forgetting her celestial nature, forgetting her mythical role in the universe. Her sister constellation, Ursa Major (“Great Bear”) must collect Ursa Minor. Must remind Ursa Minor who and what she is….with the help of a wise little anyboy. Stars, bears, & boy must help eachother to put things right again.