Here we find the architect of the locura, Sina. You know what they say about people who talk about themselves in the third person…..No? Neither do we.

Sina has been a student of some kind of dance form or another, continually, incessantly, obsessively, since the year 2000, while balancing full time employment in the engineering realm. No rest for the wicked. Having adopting the proclivities of a cave troll – hoarding treasures (i.e. bits of knowledge gleaned from constant curiosity and research) -combined with a general lack of sleep, Sina thus thinks of herself as the Perpetual Student.

The words of the Persian poet, Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi struck a deep chord within her when he said,

“Dancing is not rising to your feet painlessly
like a speck of dust blown around in the wind
Dancing is when you rise above worlds
tearing your heart into pieces and giving up your soul.”

Painlessly is the key word here. Nothing great is ever attained without a willingness to pour some sweat and blood into it, even walk 3 miles uphill in the snow barefoot for it.

Malice Dreaming Productions was a natural progression of Sina’s personal passion for the art of storytelling through dance. Not enough venues existed for dancers who wanted to push outside the “comfort zones” of their respective dance communities. Dancers yearned to be on a stage presenting thematic or theatrically styled dance pieces that didn’t really fit into the concert dance world, and similarly, were not a good fit in the commercial dance world. Sina decided to stop bemoaning these facts and DO something about it. In 2005, she created a production company to fill that void. Malice Dreaming Productions is the umbrella under which Sina artistically directs & produces dance shows in and around Los Angeles. These are full-length shows featuring Sina’s original choreographies alongside of the choreographies of other amazing hand-selected dance artists, all with an emphasis on storytelling through dance.

In a similar vein, Malice Dreaming is Sina’s answer to a traditional dance company. It is the vehicle by which Sina’s choreographies appear as dance vignettes in other people’s shows.  It is a process, place, and partnership where different artists come together in order to bring their unique skill sets to individual projects, on a case-by-case basis.  This results in a constant flow of fresh energies, talents, and aesthetics, under Sina’s artistic direction, exclusively utilizing her choreography.

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