Block Cycle (2014)

This piece came from a particularly long and nasty battle with my own Inner Critic.
That battle led to a marked cessation of my creative output, while I like to think that I “incubated” in dance classes instead of performing or creating, in truth I’m still on the fence as to whether “incubation” is the right word, or if instead, it might have been closer to simply hiding.

I reflected on how even my art heroes of various disciplines struggled with their own Inner Critics, and resultant spells of creative block, and thought the most relatable or immediately recognizable concept would be writer’s block.
The archetype of the alcohol-riddled author, especially the sensory-rich Beat Generation authors was where I decided to go.
I was intrigued how with this subset in particular, drugs and alcohol had an inspirational effect – they were creative content instigators.  It can follow, then, that drugs and alcohol can rapidly develop into a crutch – you create your best, most revolutionary work while under their effect.  Then perhaps they develop into something that you need as a normalizer – developed, full-blown addiction.  Which, in irony, ends up hampering creative output.  That which gave you wings to access remarkable universes at first ends up shackling you to a very mundane universe at the end.

This is my loving tribute to all artists who do battle with their own Inner Critics.